Infrared Heat.

The Viking Heater has been built to provide ample and efficient heat both indoors and outdoors.

The Best in Heating.

Stylish & Efficient.

The Viking 1500W infrared heater is designed to convert 100% of the energy supplied to it into heat and it won't waste energy by heating the air. Infrared heats zones and individuals directly and can begin emitting heat within 10 seconds of being plugged in. The Viking Heater comes equipped with carbon fiber technology, which allows for even distribution of heat which will increase the heat output by over 25%. All of these factors will help save you money on your energy bill while obtaining warmth and efficient heating. 

The Viking.

The Viking Heater comes with mounting brackets and can easily be installed in any space-small or large.  The Viking can be installed inside or outside- great addition to patios and decks. Each heater includes a full function remote that can be used to adjust the settings, it also will work to control multiple heaters.

Five Year Warranty.

We want our customers to be satisfied with their purchases. Should your Viking Heater not be working as it should we will fix it or replace it. For more information click here.

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